How it works

Ellee Anthony Greeting card systems consist of eco-friendly, reusable blank greeting cards, and separate sentiments (poems) on repositionable clings. Ellee Anthony Greeting card systems are literally "Good Vibes in Motion", that never has to end.


Are you tired of searching for the perfect greeting card, only to dislike the sentiment (poem) on the inside? How about finding the perfect sentiment (poem) in a greeting card, but you hate the artwork on the outside?  


Ellee Anthony Greetings imagined the perfect solution. Now you can buy the sentiment (poem) of your choice and pair it with the Ellee Anthony Greeting card of your choice, to create the perfect greeting card.

This is how it works:

 1. Open the card.

*Note, the inside of the card is UV coated which makes it difficult to write on. The card works best with a sentiment clings

 2. Peel sentiment cling from protective sheet.

 3. Place the cling inside the card and smooth out.

 4. To keep the card reusable, sign your name on the cling only, with      a Sharpie like pen.  

 5. Now your ready to send your reusable card system.


The recipient of your beautiful Ellee Anthony Greeting card system will appreciate this gift, that never ends. If you only sign the cling and not the inside of the card, the recipient can remove the cling, place it on any recommended porous or non-porous surface such as glass, mirrors, wood, or stainless steel, and reuse the card with a new sentiment cling. You can write a special note on the inside of the card or you can save money, time, and trees by re-gifting the Ellee Anthony Greeting card system.


Sticking clings on wall-paper or matt-finished walls are not recommended, as it may cause slight damage.

Choking prevention, use of clings are not recommended for children under 5 years old without supervision.