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Celebrate The Winter Season With A Greeting Card

Greeting cards during the winter season extends beyond a mere wish of Merry Christmas, Happy New year, or Happy Holidays. They embody genuine sentiments of wishing joy, happiness, love, and well-being during the wintry months. Although, winter is most often a joyous time of the year because of Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day, the shortcomings are SAD and chronic loneliness.    



  SAD are the acronyms for Seasonal Affect Disorder, a form of depression experienced by more than 10 million people, during the fall and winter months and dissipates upon spring and summer time. Chronic loneliness during the winter holiday season is commonly experienced due to missing deceased loved ones, a divorce or separation, isolation, or being single. If you know or suspect loved ones, friends, or neighbors experiencing SAD or loneliness during the holidays, reach out to them via a phone call, visit, or with a good vibe greeting card. The acknowledgement will give them a sense of worth and possibly save their life.


 For children, the winter season will increase their anticipation for the arrival of holidays and good cheers. This gears them up for festive decorating, drinking hot chocolate, snowball fights, skiing, baking cookies, and opening presents. When children have these holiday activities to enjoy, they are creating a lifetime of fond and lasting memories.

 Family, friends and romantic relationships are the focal points of festive winter seasons, so creating memories and traditions are always at the top of the must-to-do list this time of year. What enjoyable activities, can you incorporate into your winter holiday experiences that will create lifelong traditions? 

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