Greeting Cards, Texts or E-Cards?

Greeting cards, texting, or E-cards, which do you choose and why? In this digital era of instant messaging and E-everything, we might get carried away and forget the good old classic ways of expressing ourselves such as writing letters, sending postcards and greeting cards. While we may agree that digital is the quickest and most convenient way to convey a sentiment, there is something still classy about sending greeting cards through the mail, that makes it more unique. If you are still not convinced why you should snail mail that greeting card to your loved ones or employees, here is a brief insight into why they will always be  better than a text or E-cards:

Personal touch 

Greeting cards have a unique personal touch, as opposed to E-cards or texts, which in this day and age, are usually auto-sent and characterized by email, E-card or text blasting. Greeting cards are personalized and show that someone actually took the time to select it and address it to only you. They carry deeper heartfelt meaning to the recipient as compared to E-cards and texting. 



As we all know, E-mails, E-cards and text messages are just indirect ways of expression. Greeting cards, on the other hand, are real and can be preserved as keepsakes or reused for future reference. They are tangible evidence that someone chose, to consciously express themselves through meticulously written words. As a matter of fact, the signature on the card is cherished just as much if not more, than the sentiment.

Makes the recipient feel special

There is no better joy than finding a brightly colored stationary filled envelope, in the ole mailbox among the bills, magazines, and bulk mail. It not only puts a smile on your face but also leaves a lasting impression that you are significant to the sender. Whether it is from a friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor or an employer, a greeting card is an assuring way to show someone how much one cares for another.



Builds more connection and friendship 

Greeting cards bring with them positive emotions that make you feel connected to the sender. They are a sure way to strengthen relationships across cultural and other geographical boundaries since they are accepted across all borders. If you are an employer, sending greeting cards to your employees or clients creates a better connection with them, bringing forth motivation and trust respectively.


Greeting cards have been used for years since the Victorian era and continue to be, the most preferred communication tools to date. The best thing about greeting cards is that they are timeless and can be sent to people of all ages, and they will still leave the same impact. 

All in all, the joy of receiving or sending greeting cards has that particular emotional gratitude that is irreplaceable. Additionally, this wonderful way to convey messages and express ourselves is accepted by all ages from toddlers to Centenarians, and should stay with us for generations to come. Whether you are an employer or would just like to express your sentiment to loved ones, think greeting cards first, to leave a lasting, classy impression.

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Celebrate The Winter Season With A Greeting Card

Greeting cards during the winter season extends beyond a mere wish of Merry Christmas, Happy New year, or Happy Holidays. They embody genuine sentiments of wishing joy, happiness, love, and well-being during the wintry months. Although, winter is most often a joyous time of the year because of Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day, the shortcomings are SAD and chronic loneliness.    



  SAD are the acronyms for Seasonal Affect Disorder, a form of depression experienced by more than 10 million people, during the fall and winter months and dissipates upon spring and summer time. Chronic loneliness during the winter holiday season is commonly experienced due to missing deceased loved ones, a divorce or separation, isolation, or being single. If you know or suspect loved ones, friends, or neighbors experiencing SAD or loneliness during the holidays, reach out to them via a phone call, visit, or with a good vibe greeting card. The acknowledgement will give them a sense of worth and possibly save their life.


 For children, the winter season will increase their anticipation for the arrival of holidays and good cheers. This gears them up for festive decorating, drinking hot chocolate, snowball fights, skiing, baking cookies, and opening presents. When children have these holiday activities to enjoy, they are creating a lifetime of fond and lasting memories.

 Family, friends and romantic relationships are the focal points of festive winter seasons, so creating memories and traditions are always at the top of the must-to-do list this time of year. What enjoyable activities, can you incorporate into your winter holiday experiences that will create lifelong traditions? 

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Kenzoku friends are family.

 What do Kenzoku and friendships have in common? Friendships have a significant purpose in our lives but often because of busyness, can be unconsciously taken for granted. Powerful friendships encapsulate a cohesive bond of commonality, between people who do not necessarily share the same DNA. They exude unconditional support in needed times of encouragement, confirmation, and empathy. Kenzoku, the Japanese term for Family, also indicates the deepest chemistry of friendship.

A Kenzoku friend is someone who's immense love for you and your well-being, will catch you when you fall, correct you when you are wrong, and indulge you in occasional escapades while keeping it between you, them, and the four walls. This real friend is not someone who's full of superfluities and follies at your beckon call.  Such expectation is considered usury, camouflaged as friendship and someone is always at a disadvantage. With your Kenzoku buddies, you can just be, without fear of judgment or ulterior motives. There's truly no such concept as judgment, betrayal or jealousy between Kenzoku friends. The unbreakable bond that keeps these buddies together withstands such pettiness, and forgiveness is swiftly sought and received. Kenzokus are the confidants you grow up with, make along the trajectories of your life, and will cry with you without knowing why. At best, they are the extended brothers and sisters, whom will keep you accountable to the goodness of your character. 

The flip side of this friendship is the unforgivable betrayal of boundaries and trust. Often this deep-cut betrayal will cause Kenzokus to go through the five stages of grief, pinned by Elizabeth Kϋbler-Ross. Over time, the betrayed friend becomes a bit apprehensive with new acquaintances, and sadly, guarded living just may become their new normal.

 In conclusion, if we become inclined to treat everyone we meet with good intentions, the Universe will listen and begin to expand our circle of real friends. People become how you perceive them to be in your life. If you want friends, they will become friends. If you want only acquaintances, where there's no invested meaningful connection, this is what the Universe will give you. This is not to say, you should befriend people whom you feel are not right. Common sense and your intuition should tell you this is a bad idea, but once the new acquaintance has proven their trustworthiness, the decision to consider them a Kenzoku friend is easy. Through the good times, transformations and issues, you never have to wonder about a Kenzoku's gift of love and loyalty.


 Who are your Kenzoku friends and why?

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Building Healthy Relationships

 Building healthy relationships makes navigating through life and the workplace, a lot easier than just being an island. The essential components of healthy relationships such as communication with intentional listening habits, integrity, reasonable expectations and reciprocity of gratitude, all make for a strong foundation on which to lead by for many years.










Good Communication: 

Intentional listening by repeating what you heard before responding can help decrease misunderstandings. Delegating personal time by turning off the electronics, and tuning in on the person with whom you're sharing a moment, will drastically reduce communication deficiencies and increase one's feeling of value.




Practicing integrity by keeping commitments, is a crucial element in building trust. It strengthens the security of a lasting bond, and helps one to thrive in life, by knowing their needs and time are valued. Broken trust can be very tough to repair, and often it's never fully restored. Therefore; a relationship built on integrity and excellent communication skills are one of the strongest foundations, all parties involved can achieve. 

Feasible Expectations: 

Well defined expectations are the ebb and flow in all relationships. When expectations are not clear, they are usually not met, and this leads to disappointments. Numerous disappointments could eventually result in loss of confidence and finally parting of the ways. It is always best to discuss expectations in all relationships, to determine which are feasible to accomplish and why others are not. Identifying expectations that are not possible to achieve allows those to either redress this concern at a later time, or seek the help from another trusted source. 


Reciprocity of Gratitude: 

Gratitude usually determines the latitude of a relationship. Therefore; without reciprocity of gratitude, someone one will always feel less than significant. Always acknowledge one's effort to bring good vibes to the relationship through their thoughtfulness and generosity. You can show people you value their presence in your life, with an Ellee Anthony reusable greeting card system, random 'just because' employee lunch outings, or the slipping of a kind note in the briefcase or gym bag. Whatever you decide, always focus on building healthy relationships.

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